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Cronolog patches

I have been digging in my cronolog inbox and gathering together the patches submitted by users with the aim of incorporating these into the next version of cronolog. However in the meantime I have collected them here and as I find more patches lurking in my inbox I will add them to the list. Most of the patches are specifically for version 1.6.1 or 1.6.2 but they should be applicable to other versions with a bit of tweaking.

Matthew Grosso recently sent me a jumbo patch that incorporates features from the todo list and most of the other patches submitted to date. I have looked at the patch and will incorporate most of the changes as-is into the next version of cronolog when I have some free time ;-(.

Matthew has also created a tarball with the jumbo patch applied.

Andrew, 2004-11-16

cronolog 1.7 beta with the jumbo patch applied (Matthew Grosso 2003-10-10)
tarball with the jumbo patch applied (incorporates most of the other patches and some of the features on the todo list)
cronolog jumbo patch (Matthew Grosso 2003-10-10)
patch incorporates most of the other patches and some of the features on the todo list
cronosplit gzip patch (Erik Wasser 2003-07-05)
patch to cronosplit to add an option to compress the split files.
setuid/setgid patch (Isaac Wilcox 2003-06-14)
Adds options to set UID/GID before doing anything else.
FIFO data source patch (Gabriel Krabbe 2003-05-23)
handles FIFOs as a data source
user/group option patch (Johan Verrept 2003-05-15)
Allows the user to control the user and group of the created log files (and directories). Adds two options --user and --group to cronolog.c and one function to the cronoutils.c.
large file patch (Matt Lanier 2003-04-18)
A simple patch to enable cronolog to generate files larger than 2GB (on Linux and Solaris at least)
mod_cronolog timestamp patch (Wolter Kamphuis 2002-07-17)
Fixes a bug in the cronolog module whereby random lines contain "2002:00:00:00".
strftime patch (Chris Jaeger 2002-02-11)
cronolog doesn't understand all possible strftime even though it uses strftime to generate the final filenames. This patch that addresses format modifiers to supress leading '0's on the day and month.
SIGUSR1 patch (Prakash Kailasa 2001-05-15)
Adds a signal handler for SIGUSR1 so that cronolog processes exit when Apache is restarted.
missing symlink target patch (Victor Martinez 2000-04-25)
Cronolog's creation of the symlink will fail if the file the old symlink is linked to has been removed. This patch fixes that.
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